I am so pleased to be writing this testimonial for Jennifer. I would like to share my experience and express how she went above and beyond, to find me the perfect home.

I am a single mother who has been living in a very rough neighbourhood my entire life. I had been working 3 jobs so that I could save enough money to purchase a home of my own. When I was ready, my first call was to Jennifer. I was living 2 hours away from where I worked, and I was hoping to find a home closer to my job.  Having known her and her family since high school, I had a very good understanding of her personality and bottom line, I trust her. This is the first time I have ever mixed business with pleasure. And the overall experience was amazing.

Jennifer travelled the long commute to go house shopping with me. Never a complaint on how far it was from her normal area of work. I told her what my must haves, and must not’s were, and she simply said, “no problem”.  I am a picky person, and with this being my first major purchase (and on my own) I was surprised when the 2ndhouse we saw, I was hooked. I knew it was the one. It had everything I was looking for and it was under budget.  After seeing the rest of the homes we had scheduled, we started the long commute back to the GTA. As soon as we got to her office, the offer was drawn up in a matter of minutes. She explained EVERYTHING to me, in terms a “first timer” could easily understand, and she constantly reassured me (as I was in a corner biting my nails and sweating profusely) that this is something I have worked very hard for, and the nerves are normal, and I had found a great home.

Over the next couple of days, she stayed in contact with me, providing me with every development as it arose. She even surprised the selling agent with her proficiency. We ended up getting an even better deal than anticipated, due to her superior negotiating skills. Her support did not end when the sale closed. She checked in with me through the entire process, even 6 weeks later, as I am writing this, I am looking at the beautiful house warming card she sent to me with a lovely message of congratulations enclosed.

I would recommend Jennifer, to anyone reading this, in a heartbeat. Although we have known each other as kids, her level of professionalism and patience was extraordinary and appreciated. If you are looking for an agent, call Jennifer. She has life experience far beyond her years and she is highly respected by colleagues, friends, and other community partners alike.